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At True Sentiments, we strive to offer products and resources that promote mindfulness with cultural flavor.  MyGratiBox is a reflection of our mission. Our current offering includes a combination of products created and designed by True Sentiments as well as curated items that complement our mission. We hope that the items within our box encourage you to connect with yourself and the world around you.    

Box Contents:

1 - Journal: The journal is the centerpiece of a healthy practice of self-care.

1 - Truth Passion Purpose T-shirt (Unisex): Our featured design is titled "Truth Passion and Purpose". We all search to find meaning in our lives. If you take a look around you, you may notice that people are disconnected, stressed out, and unhappy. Just think how beautiful our world could be if we understood our purpose. Our current box theme is Truth Passion Purpose. Being true to ourselves and identifying what intangibly brings us joy can help us discover our purpose.

1 - Onyx Truth Passion Purpose Bracelet: The black onyx is a powerful warrior stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy into positive ions that provide physical and emotional strength and stamina, especially during periods of stress. 

8 - Brightly Colored Postcards: Postcards offer a simple way to say something encouraging to others. It’s as simple as a text message (almost), but far more expressive. The touch of paper on the hand leaves a heartfelt impression not soon forgotten.

5 - Blank Note Cards with Envelopes: The note card is a bit more formal than a postcard, and offers the same heartfelt impression, but lends itself to a personal touch.

1 - Deck of 36 pre-printed and blank affirmation cards: Sometimes we need a daily reminder of how wonderful life can be when we honor ourselves by honoring our journey.  

1 - Thai Chai Tea from Simplicity Teas: There are many health benefits to drinking tea regularly such as lowering stress levels. A single tube produces up to 5 cups of delicious bliss.

1 - Gold and Ivy Candle: The scent from a wonderful smelling candle can change an ordinary room to a room that is extraordinary. The Cape May Driftwood Candle by Gold & Ivy is a high-quality hand-poured vegan soy candle that is health-friendly and earth-friendly.  The aroma of this beautiful candle can create an ambiance of calmness and will change the mood to that of harmony and relaxation.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk. The scent is light and warm. 4 oz


MyGratiBox products are handcrafted so please allow up to 3-5 business days for fulfillment from date of purchase.  Refund Policy

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