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At True Sentiments, we believe that the best gift you can give yourself is a life of balanced happiness. By regularly utilizing the tools in our MyGratiBox interactive self-care kit and our other offerings, you'll discover an enviable quality of life that's worth sharing with others.

As a career woman, wife, and mother of two, I found myself struggling to manage my various commitments and make time for self-care. That's when my husband Tony and I embarked on a journey to build a well-balanced life not just for ourselves, but for our family, friends, and community.

I eventually left my corporate job and became a full-time entrepreneur, overseeing the daily operations at True Sentiments and becoming certified in Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Theta Healing, and Neuro-linguistic Programming. Now, I'm excited to see all that God has in store for our family, businesses, and the people we connect with each day.

Through the daily practice of journaling and mindfulness, I've found that I can capture all of the beauty of a well-balanced life that flows to me and through me. I allow gratitude to elevate my attitude and experience the moment of my own truth.

At True Sentiments, we not only provide an interactive self-care kit but also emphasize the importance of practicing mindfulness as a form of "mental vacation". By incorporating mindfulness into daily routines, you can take a break from the stresses and demands of life and focus on the present moment. This practice can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, leading to improved overall well-being.

Join me on this journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life that prioritizes self-care and mindfulness. Let's discover the world's beauty and wonderment together with True Sentiments.



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