Mindfulness Meditation Sessions (Live Virtual)

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Peace is within us. It is up to us to create an environment for peace to thrive. Meditation allows us to experience that peace that we all search for by being present in the moment and allowing life to happen just as it should. The more that we seek peace and create the capacity for peace to grow and thrive; the more we will experience it.

Join our live virtual 45-minute mediation sessions. The intention of the sessions will be mindfulness meditation. This type of meditation focuses on the awareness of "being" in the present moment.  Mindfulness and meditation are beneficial tools for almost anyone.  Incorporating these practices into your life can improve your overall well-being. There are many benefits to meditation, in general, such as clarity, relaxation, improved focus, better sleep, strengthening the immune system, decrease in high blood pressure, less anxiety, etc. Also, community meditation can increase happiness and longevity. In-person is best, but virtual works as well.

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