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Introducing The Gratitude Planner and Journal

Our mission is ambitious, but it is to change the world, one day at a time, from the inside out. Get the one tool that can make all the difference in the world in your professional growth, relationships, finances, personal satisfaction, and more. For many of us, we spend the year thinking about what we want in our lives, and what’s next. It isn’t until the holiday season rolls around that we are reminded to think about what we are grateful for in our lives and how we can express our thoughts of gratitude.

The Gratitude Planner with Dedicated Resource Sections

Welcome to the Gratitude Planner! We are excited for you to take this journey with us. We designed this planner with you in mind. We wanted to provide you with a simple but effective set of tools that could help you achieve your best possible life; be more focused, organized, and get more of the one thing that seems to elude us all: Time.

Full Months Overview with Journal Space

While most human beings share the same measure of time allotted to each day, the ways in which we might spend that time, vary widely and either contribute to or detract from our enjoyment of each day. If life is intended to have meaning, enjoyment must be at its very core. We believe in the extensive research done over the years that point to the idea that “gratitude” has a direct correlation with happiness and contentment. So we’ve placed a high degree of emphasis on self-reflection and the alignment between how we see ourselves in the world and the present circumstances and factors that we are grateful to have in our lives.

Each Week includes pages for your best thoughts, ideas, and reflections.

Other research has further examined this link between the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, with evidence making the case that usefulness or purpose are stronger predictors of fulfillment than almost any other factor. This understanding further shapes our approach with a solid grounding in the practice of forming habits around faith and gratitude.

Ample space for your best ideas, thoughts, and reflections.

Ultimately, we can form habits and practices that are in alignment with the goals that we’ve set for fulfilling the purpose that God intends for our lives. When we start with gratitude, we flow in our purpose; and the world in which we operate and function is better for it. Every task, project, assignment, professional, and/or personal encounter is imbued with the power of that purpose. Our motto is: Live well, love well, be well. We sincerely hope you will join us on this journey and embrace this idea, as it embraces you in return.

With all of our best,

True Sentiments

Live well, Love well, Be well

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